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Halwest, the son of a poor cobbler, suffers tremendously after the tragic death of his beloved father. To care for his mother and sister, Nasrin, Halwest finds employment with Wasta Burhan, a yogurt seller.

As a teenager, Halwest falls in love with the breathtaking girl next door, Kawyar. They grow up together and their love deepens for one another.

Sherzad, a relative of Kawyar, is envious of Halwest and his relationship with Kawyar and plots to separate them. Halwest’s financial burdens puts a strain on their relationship and results in many quarrels.

When Kawyar’s father finds out about their secret relationship, he forces his daughter to marry Sherzad. Halwest decides to use his grief and longing for Kawyar as an inspiration to sing, and fights to win her back..

108 Mins

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